Explore the world through the eyes of a drone

We believe everyone should be able to experience the world for themselves! With FlyThere you can fly a drone in the most beautiful places in the world and never leave your home.

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1. Choose when to fly

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or schedule a time that works for you!

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All you need is a phone or computer and you can start flying within minutes. We'll take care of the rest!

That was super cool!!

Trey Q

This is just amazing! Who knows where this technology will take us in the future!

Gary P


Jack W

The best thing is that you can sit at home and fly anywhere in the world. That is just amazing.

Zean van Wyk

Remarkable idea and a great way to have opportunities to fly at locations where one might never be able to visit.

Stephen P

Incredible experience that I will definitely come back to!!!

Sam M

The best trip to Mexico, right from my home.

Airidas B

An experience like no other.

Austi A

I was really shocked at the quality of video and smoothness of the flight experience.

Daly G

An exhilarating experience to remotely re-visit an amazing place I have been to many years ago. FlyThere made it possible with their unique, original and pure joy of a service.

Guy D

It was so cool and different than anything else I've done before. Flying a drone in a different part of the world is cooler than someone would have expected.

Kevin F

Awesome, mind blowing.

Dilip D

It was just amazing to be able to control another drone in Mexico, from Brazil. Just great!

Pedro C

Excellent. The co-pilot is super cool. The sensation is amazing.

Ewerton N

Wow! This was a pretty amazing experience. I've been flying drones for a few years now, but to fly one that is thousands of miles away in near real-time is a new thrill!

Kelly R

Amazed at the technology. I love the ability to fly a drone somewhere in the world right from my phone or laptop.

Simon P

Great experience and very communicative drone operator too.

Johannes E

Really cool new way of experiencing drone flying. Its like google street view, but wayyy better.

Jay W

Amazing. I can't travel and this was so incredible to experience. Will definitely do it again.

Val S

Fly standby for free! Or reserve your slot for just $4.99.

When standby flights are available you will see a red ‘FlyThere Now’ button on the homepage. Just click it to start flying!

To check when the co-pilots are operating please go to: When can I Fly? and see when free standby flights are available.

You can also reserve a spot now and guarantee yourself a flight for just $4.99 at a time that suits you. Just pick from our amazing locations below!

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Our live flights are currently free whilst we’re in beta. You can see when we’re live on the When can I fly? page. To reserve a flight and skip the queue we charge just $4.99. Just choose any location and schedule your flight for a time that suits you! Be sure to use #FlyThereNow and tag us @FlyThereNow on social after your flight.

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