Explore the world through the eyes of a drone

We believe everyone should be able to experience the world for themselves! With FlyThere you can fly a drone in the most beautiful places in the world and never leave your home.

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No equipment or experience needed

All you need is your computer or phone, we’ll take care of the rest.

1. Sign up

It’s simple, and only takes 30 seconds!

2. Choose your location

You’ll see different locations where you can fly, just click “FlyThere Now!’ to get going! Check out the flight schedule here!

3. Enjoy the flight!

Just make sure you have a good internet connection and your speakers and mic switched on so you can chat to the copilot!

Amazing experience! I can’t believe I was really flying!

Rob H.

That was super cool!!

Trey Q

This is just amazing! Who knows where this technology will take us in the future!

Gary P


Jack W

The best thing is that you can sit at home and fly anywhere in the world. That is just amazing.

Zean van Wyk

Remarkable idea and a great way to have opportunities to fly at locations where one might never be able to visit.

Stephen P

Incredible experience that I will definitely come back to!!!

Sam M

The best trip to Mexico, right from my home.

Airidas B

An experience like no other.

Austi A

I was really shocked at the quality of video and smoothness of the flight experience.

Daly G

An exhilarating experience to remotely re-visit an amazing place I have been to many years ago. FlyThere made it possible with their unique, original and pure joy of a service.

Guy D

It was so cool and different than anything else I've done before. Flying a drone in a different part of the world is cooler than someone would have expected.

Kevin F

Awesome, mind blowing.

Dilip D

It was just amazing to be able to control another drone in Mexico, from Brazil. Just great!

Pedro C

Excellent. The co-pilot is super cool. The sensation is amazing.

Ewerton N

Wow! This was a pretty amazing experience. I've been flying drones for a few years now, but to fly one that is thousands of miles away in near real-time is a new thrill!

Kelly R

Amazed at the technology. I love the ability to fly a drone somewhere in the world right from my phone or laptop.

Simon P

Great experience and very communicative drone operator too.

Johannes E

Really cool new way of experiencing drone flying. Its like google street view, but wayyy better.

Jay W

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Locations all over the world

Explore the coast of Brazil, the bustling cities of Argentina, the picture-perfect beaches of Thailand or watch the surfers hit the breaks in Bali, wherever you want to explore, FlyThere can take you there.

To see when specific co-pilots are operating check out When can I Fly?

Specific location

Manila with a Mavic 2 Zoom

4 credits / 2 min
4.9 14 Ratings

São Sebastião Brazil with a Phantom 4

4 credits / 2 min
5.0 23 Ratings

São Sebastião Cliffs, Brazil

4 credits / 2 min
0.0 0 Ratings

Dreamland Cliffs, Bali, Indonesia

4 credits / 2 min
5.0 8 Ratings

Fun in Bali, Indonesia

4 credits / 2 min
5.0 9 Ratings

Dreamland Beach, Bali, Indonesia

4 credits / 2 min
5.0 1 Rating

Promthep cape, Phuket, Thailand

4 credits / 2 min
5.0 7 Ratings

Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand

4 credits / 2 min
4.8 4 Ratings

Big Buddha, Phuket, Thailand

4 credits / 2 min
0.0 0 Ratings

Córdoba Argentina with a Phantom 4

4 credits / 2 min
4.9 17 Ratings

Carlos Paz, Argentina

4 credits / 2 min
0.0 0 Ratings

Traveling Manuel with a Mavic2 Zoom!

4 credits / 2 min
5.0 14 Ratings

Cancún with a Mavic 2 Pro

4 credits / 2 min
5.0 159 Ratings

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