Immerse yourself in this stunning beach-side location. This beach has lots to explore:  boats coming in and out of the dock, vibrant coconut trees, white sand and endless clear blue water. Your co-pilot, Manuel, will guide you through the best parts of this location and is always ready to jump in to help when necessary — or just feel free to explore the surroundings for yourself!


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    My kid wants to do it again, he boasts about it to everyone! You guys should add more locations, this is such a unique idea, just imagine how many cool places we could visit. I was lucky and caught a busy day, there were a lot of ships passing by.

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    A very unique experience, even more so if you’re like me and you’ve never flown a drone before. Having Manuel there as my copilot allowed me to fly without worrying I will crash the drone, cool idea, guys, can’t wait to see more locations added to the list.

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    Sam Casey

    Absolutely loved my flight with Manuel the 2 times that I have done it but it’s a shame that my mic isn’t working…

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