Immerse yourself in this unique location. You will see lots of small boats, both parked and sailing, all along a spectacular coastline with stunning resorts you can fly over. Fly far across the water and see the beach from a whole new perspective. Your co-pilot, Jimmy, will guide you through the best parts of this location and is always ready to jump in to help when necessary — or just feel free to explore the surroundings for yourself!


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    My nephew stood behind me and his jaw dropped when he realized I was the one controlling the drone haha. My first flight was rescheduled due to bad weather and the second time around we had perfect weather. Definitely coming back for more!

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    Kevin Philips

    A drone is way over my budget right now, especially the DJI Mavic Pro so I knew was something I had to try. I’ve already booked my two flights, can’t wait, guys! I hope you grow this project so we can explore cooler and cooler places.

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    I tried this with help of Mr Jimmy few days ago… Flying a drone @Thailand from Rawamangun, Jakarta!! Too good to be true, isn’t it?

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