Experience the beach from a whole new perspective. This flight location has endless places to explore from rooftop pool parties, beach-side restaurants, a beautiful city center, or the miles and miles of glimmering water. Experience the music from the bar through the eyes of a drone. Your co-pilot, Manuel, will guide you through the best parts of this location and is always ready to jump in to help when necessary — or just feel free to explore the surroundings for yourself!


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    The first couple of seconds my internet connection was a bit iffy but it soon picked it, luckily. This flight convinced me to visit Playa del Carmen along with Tulum since they’re only one hour apart. Thanks for this experience!

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    So, so cool, this is even more exciting than I thought it would be! Also, after booking the flight I went through your FAQ section and I was surprised to find out I won’t be charged extra if I happen to damage the drone.

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