Q: How long is the flight?

A: As long as the battery lasts! This can be approximately 30 minutes. Every 2 minutes you will be charged 4 credits.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Packages start at $2.99 for 4 credits, which gives you 2 minutes of flight time. You can purchase more credits for a discounted rate

Q: Do I need to talk with my co-pilot?

A: Before taking off the co-pilot will greet you and make sure you can hear each other, after that talking with the co-pilot is completely up to you.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need?

A: You need a computer or a mobile device. Make sure you have a working microphone and speakers \ headphones – so you can talk with your co-pilot.

Q: Is it dangerous to fly a drone with FlyThere?

A: No! We’ve taken care of everything — just listen to your co-pilot. You’re in good hands.

Q: Do I actually get to control a real drone?

A: Yes! You are the one controlling the drone and flying it remotely.

Q: What if it is night time or raining where I live?

A: Don’t worry! The weather conditions in your surroundings will not affect the drone, which is thousands of miles away.

Q: Should I know how to fly a drone before I use FlyThere?

A: Nope! Anyone can use FlyThere. We make it easy, safe and hassle-free for you.

Q: What happens if I crash the drone?

A: Your co-pilot is at the flight location, constantly monitoring the flight and will bring the drone back to safety by taking control of the flight. Although it has never happened, your co-pilot will take full responsibly

Q: Is it legal to use FlyThere from the US?

A: Absolutely! You are flying a drone miles away from the US.

Q: Can I use FlyThere from my mobile phone?

A: Yes! we support most of Android and iOS devices. For Android devices, use Chrome to fly and for iOS devices use Safari. The controls on mobile are with on screen joysticks that act like a real flight controller!

Q: How do I control the drone?

A: You can control the drone with your keyboard, mobile device or by using a game controller.

Q: What kind of internet do I need?

A: It’s best to have a wired internet connection, or a reliable wireless connection. The faster the better!

Q: Is there an age limit to use FlyThere?

A: Yes. You must be over 13 years of age to use FlyThere.

Q: How do I get to see the drone video in real time?

A: The drone’s video is streamed live to you with virtually zero latency using our advanced technology, so you can get the exact same experience as if you were at the remote location flying your own drone!