Getting ready

1. Make sure to be a few minutes early so your flight will start on time.

2. Use a headset – so you can talk with your co-pilot during your flight.

3. For PC, Mac and Android use Chrome – it works best! For iPhone and iPad you have to use Safari.

4. If you have Evernote Chrome extension installed on your browser – please disable it before the flight as it disrupts the keyboard controls. You can read more about it here

5. Use a keyboard, game controller or your mobile device to control the drone.

6. Reliable internet connection is important, the faster the better!

7. If the weather doesn’t cooperate we’ll just have to reschedule.

8. You are in good hands, remember to relax and enjoy your flight 🙂

How to control the drone

Legend of controls
  • Direction – You will fly the drone forward so you can see where you are going. If you want to turn the drone simply rotate to the desired direction and keep heading forward towards the new direction – just as you would do in your car!

  • Advanced control – The drone is also capable of moving backwards and sideways. We only let experienced pilots that know how to constantly check their surroundings use this feature if requested.

  • Keyboard control – Think of the keyboard keys just like they’re an accelerator pedal. The longer you hold the key – the faster the drone goes in that direction. If you want gentle drone movements just make short clicks on the relevant key. If you want the drone to move faster – press and hold the relevant key.

  • Game Controller – You can use your PS\Xbox\PC controller in order to control the drone just as you would if you were flying the drone yourself at the location!

    • Left controller stick controls height and rotation

    • Right controller stick controls movement

    • Camera is controlled by the up\down keys on your controller.

  • You can check your controller’s compatibility with your browser in the following link.

Tutorial video