July 15, 2019

5 beautiful places to visit without breaking the bank


Traveling to beautiful places is one of the most rewarding things in the whole world. It can allow people to grow as humans, enable us to create new memories, enjoy new experiences that we wouldn’t be able to experience back home, meet new people, and learn so much more about the world we live in. There’s nothing quite like learning more about yourself as you explore other cultures.

However, traveling to gorgeous places isn’t always the easiest of things to do. Not only does it cost money to get flights, transport, and accommodation, if you plan on visiting a lot of places at once, you’ll need to get time off work. While some people are comfortable with taking that leap, not everybody is. Some people are worried that they won’t be able to find work on their return, or simply don’t want to give up a good job where they might have a future. Some don’t believe they’ll be able to save up the money it takes to visit different places, as these trips can easily cost thousands upon thousands.

FlyThere can help to ease those worries, and explore places you’d never be able to explore otherwise. You’ll also spend next to nothing to do it.

Here, we’ve put together 5 beautiful places you can visit without breaking the bank.

The countries listed here are cheaper than most once you’re there, though flights can be quite expensive.

FlyThere of course doesn’t replace traveling, just like Facetiming doesn’t replace meeting your friends. It does however, let you create your own personalized experience of the remote location by flying wherever you like and talking to a local co-pilot during your flight – all without leaving your couch and for less than a price of a cup of coffee. With FlyThere, the world is your oyster.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the amazing places you could visit!

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is located on the Caribbean coast of southeastern Mexico, and is one of the world’s most beautiful beach destinations by a long shot. People visit here to sunbathe on the white sandy beaches, scuba dive, dine, shop, and enjoy the nightlife.

Taking a day trip to Chichen Itza is an absolute must when in Cancun. This is a breathtaking pre-Columbian city, and will give you a glimpse into how powerful and advanced the Mayan civilization once was. There are many other ruins you can visit, each with their own story too.

A 20 minute ferry ride from Cancun is the Mayan sanctuary to goddess Ixchel for about a thousand years. It is now a tranquil retreat where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of Cancun and enjoy your own slice of heaven.

FlyThere Cancun

In Cancun, your co-pilot Jair operates a Mavic 2 PRO (with the incredible Hasselblad camera) drone in the most beautiful coastline.


Brazil has it all; from exotic rainforests to bustling, dynamic cities, as well as sprawling national parks and jaw-dropping beaches. It has something for everybody and is one of the most stunning places in the world!

Sugar Loaf is the easily recognized emblem of Rio de Janeiro, the rounded rock peak that juts out of a tree-covered promontory, rising 394 meters above the beaches and city. Tourists often visit the summit first for the views of Rio and the harbor, and this is something you can do if you plan on using FlyThere to visit!

Don’t forget about Rio’s pre-Lenten Carnaval (Carnival) extravaganza. You can get a taste for the action, sound, and vibrancy without even getting dressed up yourself. This street party is a carefully staged showpiece, and spectators watch the parades of samba dancers from a purpose-built stadium designed by Brazil’s best-known architect, Oscar Niemeyer. You’ve probably heard of Carnaval, as it’s such a famous event!

Fernando de Noronha is made up of a collection of 21 islands, and is truly a slice of heaven in Brazil. It is a protected national marine park, so the area is home to a diverse and rich ecosystem that includes dolphins, reef sharks, tropical fish, and more – perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling if you ever decide to visit in person.

Pantanal is a huge wetland taking up the west of Brazil. It is rich in wildlife and has a diverse ecosystem full of weird and wonderful creatures. This makes it the ideal place to visit for nature lovers. There are hundreds of species of birds, and even large mammals like jaguars.

The Amazon rainforest is also not to be missed. Full of natural wonders, it is a home for incredible freshwater life, including the elusive pink river dolphins.

FlyThere Brazil

In Brazil, your co-pilot Lucas operates a Phantom 4 drone in the famous surf beach of São Sebastião.

Bali, Indonesia

Ubud can give people a taste of the real Bali, with it’s laid back, bohemian feel. The amazing gardens and balinese style decoration make it a real treat. The village has many artists studios and excellent cooking schools, but it is definitely most famous for the Sacred Monkey Forest. In this place, macaque monkeys are free to roam – a joy to behold! You might not be able to take a class at a cooking school but you can get a good look at Ubud, as well as watch the majestic monkeys go about their day.

The surrounding villages are a great place to get a feel for traditional architecture, and there are some incredible temples in Bali – over a hundred of them, in fact! Some are even situated on deep cliffs that overlook the sea below.

FlyThere Bali

In Bali, your co-pilot Junior operators a Mavic PRO drone in the famous “Dreamland beach” (it is indeed dreamy).


In Peru you will find biodiversity, natural beauty, colonial architecture, and amazing archaeological sites. It’s the perfect place to visit for adventurers and explorers!

Start your visit at Peru’s Huascarán National Park. Here, you’ll be able to see Lake 69, which is one of the country’s most compelling natural wonders. The pool is pure blue and glitters underneath the silhouettes above it. It’s easy to explore trails on your own or on a day trip.

Machu Picchu is a Wonder of the World that attracts over a million tourists per year, and has become so popular that restrictions on the number of people that can visit per day have been introduced. The ruins deliver in archaeological and natural beauty.

Now, although Machu Picchu is very famous, the Colca Canyon is the new attraction at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Colca Canyon is located in the south of the country , and the dramatic crevice is a huge two miles deep at points. That’s double the depth of the Grand Canyon! It’s also home to the giant Andean condor, which are often seen gliding through the valleys – another great spot for bird and nature lovers.

Vinicunca is something of a social media urban legend and it’s not too far from Machu Picchu. The series of rainbow-colored mountains have travelers fighting for the same view, and it’s a sight that you won’t forget in a hurry. Tourism is picking up as word spreads, so it’s probably best to visit this attraction sooner rather than later.

Why not visit the colorful neighborhood of Barranco? This place is perched on Lima’s dramatic cliffs and boasts sweeping views of the Pacific, along with some of the city’s most beautiful architecture you can imagine.

FlyThere Peru

In Peru, your co-pilot Manuel operators a Mavic 2 Zoom drone in the dramatic cliffs of Lima.


Thailand is ever popular with solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends. You can’t go anywhere without meeting somebody who has been there.

The cascading mountains of the province of Mae Hong Son, are like a fairytale with their misty mountains and views. Don’t forget to check out Thailand’s floating pagodas for a dreamy view, either!

You can also visit one of the many caves, hot springs, and nature parks.

You shouldn’t visit Thailand without heading to one of the ornate temples, but which one? Well, the White Temple wins on originality and uniqueness. This is a contemporary style Buddhist temple that is 100% unique with its shape and structures, not to mention the glittering white and silver adorning the outside, and the psychedelic mural on the inside. You won’t see anything else like this in Thailand, so it’s well worth a visit.

Pai is a hippie paradise that is home to some beautiful waterfalls and amazing countryside. You can explore the most unique aspect of Pai, which is the canyon. The canyon is a must see with its sharp slopes of orange rock winding like a labyrinth.

Wat Chaloem is one that most foreign tourists still don’t know about. Usually, you would have to take a truck ride to the top and then climb the 500 meters of stairs to appreciate the view – including white pagodas that were carried up by hand.

The Red Lotus Sea is famous for sunrise during the lotus bloom from November to February. The open lotus flowers look incredible and are really enhancing by the dazzling colors in the sky.

FlyThere Thailand

In Thailand, your co-pilot Moss operators a Mavic PRO drone in the famous beaches of Phuket, a must see!

FlyThere is the perfect tool that allows you to experience different places without even leaving your home. You’ll feel like you’re really there taking in the views. You might not be able to indulge in the food or catch a tan (unless your garden is nice this time of year), but you can definitely get a better feel for some of the most beautiful places in the world without breaking the bank.


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