June 14, 2019

The best drone video editing software 2019

The world of travel videos gets increasingly more advanced by the day. Shots that were unimaginable just a few years ago are now achievable with consumer-grade technology and cheap, accessible editing software that was until recently, only affordable by the pros.

No longer do you need an expensive crane or even a helicopter to achieve buttery smooth aerial shots thanks to the onslaught of drones hitting the market, with prices for even

the best 4K camera drones

becoming affordable enough. But you might be wondering what to do with all of this incredible new footage. How do you create those mesmerising videos that seamlessly and creatively switch between different shots and locations?

Well, not unlike the drone industry, the video editing industry has become flooded with new entrants, whilst incumbents have lowered prices, or now offer ‘basic’ versions of their formally ‘pro’ products, so there’s never been a better time to get into video editing.

Here’s our list of some of the most used software we see being used to edit incredible drone footage, from free editing software with basic functionality, to more advanced editing software with endless transition effects and overlay options.

Windows Movie Maker

It’s not the prettiest, or most advanced tool, and it can often be clunky and difficult to use, but Windows Movie Maker (WMM) does have an array of tools inside, and for a completely free tool it’s a great starting point for Windows users.

Microsoft used to bundle WMM with it’s OS but it stopped at Windows 10, so if you’re using Windows 10, it’s still free, you’ll just need to download it. WMM allows you to create videos from scratch, cut clips, and apply some effects, fonts, and filters. You can also share your videos on social media.

iMovie (Mac/iPhone/iPad)

iMovie is a great shout if you’ve bought in to the Apple ecosystem. Being able to use it across multiple devices is certainly a bonus if you’re on the move constantly or just want to have different options available to you.

Using iMovie on an iPad is a surprisingly good experience – gesture input really adds to how you interface with the timeline and media, making for an arguably easier input than mouse control. You can edit in 4K, easily add simple transitions and text overlays, and it has the sturdy design and build quality we have come to expect from Apple.

iMovie costs $14.99 on the Mac App Store. New Mac computers include iMovie (and other creativity/productivity apps) for free. It’s free too on newer iPhones and iPads, making it an incredible contender.

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows & Mac)

Adobe Premiere is a great choice for drone video editing and is available through Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s excellent both for beginners and specialists. There are thousands of preset light settings, video transitions and overlays to choose from, and a huge community to support.

Most of the popular travel videos on YouTube have all had packs made by independent users, so you can download them and easily add the exact same effects you see in the popular videos, which makes getting to very high level of quality very easy.

At $19.99 a month with a year’s subscription, it’s pricier than the other options, but you’re getting a huge amount here.

Final Cut Pro (Mac)

Final Cut Pro is a dream for professionals who love trying something new in their video editing process. Final Cut Pro’s interface is highly intuitive, and the possibilities are near-endless. You can use some third-party plugins to make your editing experience even more pleasant.

There are some advanced options that you’ll love if you’re a real drone video editing enthusiast. The only negative thing about this tool is its price. You have to pay $299.99 to install it on your Mac. But for those who love video editing and earn money in this industry, this isn’t a problem.

What are you guys all using to edit your drone videos with? FlyThere lets you take videos during your flight which instantly download after your flight has finished ready for you to load into your favourite video editing software and stitch together. If you’re editing together drone footage shot with FlyThere, give us a shout on social @FlyThereNow, as we love seeing the videos you create!

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