June 6, 2019

5 ways drones are changing the world

Drones not only offer and incredible way to see the world from the sky, they’re also changing the fabric of the way many industries operate, creating change in huge waves. Here’s just a few of the ways the world is changing for the better with the onslaught of powerful and portable drones hitting the market.

Medical delivery and safety

This is one of the most important areas in this list. Drones are having a huge impact on the medical industry. For example, a drone called the Little Ripper rescue drone saved two teenage swimmers stuck in a rip current by dropping an inflatable rescue pod. The rescue, which took place in New South Wales, Australia, allegedly achieving in 70 seconds what would have taken a lifeguard at least six minutes, was hailed as the first of its kind.

The world’s first commercial medical supplies drone delivery system, Zipline, is designed to deliver blood, vaccines, and other critical supplies to health workers in remote areas. Prompted by a mobile phone message, the drones deliver supplies via parachute within minutes; each can fly 500 deliveries in 24 hours, carrying up to 1.5 kilograms at a time.

The new DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise drones have also been built to aid the services, such as search and rescue and firefighting, with advanced thermal imaging and an attachable loudspeaker to communicate with persons out of reach of the rescue crew.

The Art world

Italian architect Carlo Ratti has designed a system that uses ‘flying robots’ to replicate the traditional printing process. Meanwhile, Amsterdam-based Studio Drift choreographed 300 drones to mimic a flock of birds over Miami Beach during 2017 art week.


The studio uses algorithms in much of its work, such as an artificial tree installed at last year’s Burning Man festival that illuminated with “light flocks”. This technique has recently been adopted by IBM and various other entertainment groups to display some incredible light shows in the sky.


Drones are increasingly becoming a valuable tool in construction, widening the spectrum of what’s possible in architecture. Drones can be flown through and around existing objects, which a person couldn’t do or a crane couldn’t do. They can also be programmed to weave simple tensile structures in the air.


Drones have been used heavily in agriculture in recent years, helping with crop spraying and land surveying, but one of the more interesting use cases comes from Walmart. Walmart is looking to revolutionise farming processes with the use of robotic alternatives to bees. That’s right, robot bees!

Taking the form of a multicopter – a type of aerial vehicle that flies using two or more rotating blades – the “bees” would use cameras and sensors to find the locations of crops where they would distribute pollen.


Drones are not only changing what we’re able to capture when we travel, but also now the way we travel! FlyThere lets you teleport to incredible places all over the world and allows you to remote control drones from the comfort of your home, a truly immersive and unique way to explore beautiful beaches, cities and coastlines in Thailand, Bali, South America and more. What’s more, even if you’ve never flown a drone before, it’s easy and safe to get started, as a co-pilot joins you on your flight and can show you the ropes.

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