May 9, 2019

Meet Junior, your co-pilot in Bali

Say 👋 to Junior! Junior is our resident co pilot in Bali, based in the south of the island around the Uluwatu region. With lots of amazing beaches nearby and dramatic coastlines it’s the perfect spot to explore by drone. We caught up with him to get the low down!

What drone do you use and how long have you been flying?

I use a DJI Mavic Pro. It’s really compact so it’s easy to travel around with and I can easily go to a new spot if I want to! It also shoots in 4k. I’ve been flying for three years now. I keep learning new things every day though!

What’s your favourite thing about Bali?

Every day there is something different to watch and capture. I love the beach and following boats, getting shots of the reef or following the cliffs. It’s such a vibrant place and the weather means I can fly most days!

Why do you love being a co pilot?

Before FlyThere I was a surf photographer and videographer and being with FlyThere is an extension of that passion of me. Most pilots want to see the surfers in action so I’m able to get them to the right spots and share in that experience with them. It also means I can bring my experience to them and help them capture the very best shots.

What do people most ask to explore when they take a flight?

Mostly the beach and everything happening. Of course the surfers and also the houses and hotels on the cliffs make great shots for people to take.

Thanks Junior! If you want Junior to be your guide in Bali, simply sign up see to explore this beautiful area and have Junior show you around!

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