March 6, 2019

How to get cinematic drone shots

We’ve all seen those sweeping shots in Hollywood films that look a million dollars, but did you know, with a bit of knowledge, time and practise, you can achieve those breathtaking shots without using an expensive crane or helicopter, and with your own drone or by using FlyThere, you can shoot video that wouldn’t look out of place on the silver screen in the latest blockbuster.

We’ve put together our top tips on how our pilots get some of the incredible footage through FlyThere. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to shooting cinematic looking drone footage.

Keep it low

Whilst lots of height can sometimes be great, flying at low altitude means you can capture objects in more details, creating a more immersive experience and focal point for your footage. You can fly as high as you like with FlyThere, and your CoPilot can guide you safely around the best places for low altitude shots.

Capture shots with different movements

Footage moving forwards or backwards doesn’t always stand out. Try slowly panning the camera up whilst you gain altitude and fly backwards, or the reverse. Whilst slightly trickier to perfect, these shots will feel much more cinematic, and look more impressive. Make sure you are gentle on the controls to get as smooth footage as possible.

Master the orbit shot

Circling an object can also add a brilliantly cinematic feel to your footage. It’s a great way to establish a setting in a scene, or draw a real focal point to the footage. You can navigate a circle manually by maintaining the target in the middle as you fly sideways while yawing the opposite direction. It’s not the easiest shot to master, but once you have it, it’s well worth it.

Track an object

Finding a speedboat or following some action on the beach is great way to add an exciting focus to your footage. Once you have something exciting to track, try getting a mixture of shots from different angles which you can edit together after your flight. Just be mindful of your surroundings if you are flying close to trees or near to buildings. Your FlyThere copilot will be keeping watch during your flight, and he’ll let you know if you’re too close or need to find a new route.

Avoid sudden movements

Don’t make sudden adjustments unless it’s for safety reasons as an unnecessary push of the remote controller stick may ruin a good shot. Maintain the preset direction and keep the gimbal motion smooth. Finally, remember to tap the record button a few seconds in advance so that you won’t miss the ideal moment.

Remember, when you’re inflight with FlyThere, your co pilot will be able to guide you to the best spots and help you practise the shots until they are near-perfect. All of the video you shoot during your flight is made available for you instantly to download and edit in your favourite video editing software, ready for that big screen debut!

Let us know any comments below, and we’ll see you in the skies soon!

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