March 26, 2019

Drone videography services, now for everyone

With FlyThere comes a new way of generating content for your videography services. In this post we’re going to explore how as a professional or semi-professional videographer, you can utilise FlyThere to capture unique and stunning drone footage for use in your own videos, so you can amaze clients, and potentially charge more for your services.

Why use drone footage?

Using drone footage is a unique way to set a scene or show an overview of any area. Up until only recently aerial videography was expensive, exclusive to Hollywood films or expensive adverts, and it still holds that exclusivity value today, it’s just easier, and much cheaper to be able achieve footage that looks a million dollars. The onset of consumer-focused drones driven by the decline in costs for battery manufacturing has meant aerial videography has become more accessible, and at a near professional grade quality. Using drone footage not only adds a level of uniqueness to videos, it helps guide the storytelling using Hollywood techniques such as the establishing shot, all while adding a layer of drama, prestige and perceived quality.

Using drone footage before FlyThere

Previously, if you wanted to use drone footage in your videos, you had a few options. The first being using stock video. Whilst this can be good quality, there is often not a huge amount available to choose from, and can often be limited by restrictive usage rights agreements, meaning you’d have to purchase multiple or expensive licenses if you wanted to use the footage over and over again, or you’d have to by new footage each time. It’s also not unique, and because there’s only a small amount available, you’ll often see the footage used elsewhere, detracting from the value of your video.

Purchasing drone stock footage also means you’re at the mercy of the original creators. It may partly fit the story you’re trying to tell, but it won’t be the exact length you need, shot at the right angle, or of precisely the subject you need.

Another option for creating your own drone footage would be to capture the drone footage you need yourself. This would mean however you are limited to creating videos for clients that you were able to travel to, and the expense is very high, as well as being a time-consuming task. You’ll also need to invest time in learning to fly drones, and honing your skills to be able to capture the type of quality shots needed.

Using drone footage with FlyThere

FlyThere is unique because it allows you to create expensive-looking, unique and completely tailored drone video for a fraction of the price of old methods. You can simply choose a destination and being flying a drone there in minutes, shooting HD quality footage which is ready for you download as soon as the flight is finished.

If you aren’t well versed in controlling a drone, you can also ask your co-pilot to do most of the work, take the directors chair and request the shots you want captured. FlyThere copilots all have multiple years of experience flying drones, and they also know the best places to get all the shots you could want.

The footage is all yours for you to use with no license agreements or reuse policies. Currently whilst our live flights are free and reserved flights only $5, it’s an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to add high-quality drone footage to your videos.

Getting started couldn’t be simpler, just sign up at the top of the page and grab your first flight today for free to see what you think.

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